Our Story

We are a small brewery based in the beautiful resort of Lyme Regis on Dorset’s ‘Jurassic Coast’, Britain’s only natural UNESCO world heritage site. Based at the historic old Town Mill in Lyme Regis, some of you may know us by our former name of Town Mill Brewery (we changed our name to Lyme Regis Brewery in spring 2015).

All the beers we brew are ‘real ales’ – we use only natural, traditional ingredients, and they mature and develop their unique flavours in the cask. Some beer drinkers prefer the term ‘craft beers’; it’s a bit confusing, but to our minds real ales and craft beers are two different names for the same lovely stuff that we brew!

Right from the start we have had only one aim in mind; to brew beers that we love drinking ourselves. They are all hand-made in small batches by our master brewer, using only the finest natural ingredients. We are proud of our West Country heritage, so we use locally-sourced ingredients wherever we can.

Lyme Regis Brewery Five Core Beers

A Potted History

Set up by a group of West Country beer fanatics, we started brewing in 2010. Our first ale, Cobb Bitter, met with widespread acclaim. Cobb is still available, part of a range of five permanent beers, and a host of specials that we brew across the year.

We have expanded our brew kit over the years to keep up with growing demand. We now have a four barrel brew length, which means that we can produce around 16 firkins (or 1150 pints) in each brew. We brew twice a week in the off season, and three times a week in summer.

Originally we only supplied free houses and off-licences in and around Lyme Regis. This has changed over the years, and it is now much easier to find our beers – in the last year, Lyme Regis Brewery beers have been available in around 200 outlets.

Lyme Regis Brewery Cobb Bottle Tap Pint